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1984 - Incorporation of M/s V Narayana Reddy

2005 - Public Limited Company (VNR Infrastructures Limited)

2009 - Subsidiary Company (VNR Rail Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd)

2009 - Subsidiary Company (VNR Logistics Pvt. Ltd.)
1987 Panel Interlocking 1987 Gauge Conversion 1990 Route Relay
1994 Track Linking & Laying 1994 Rail Bridge work 1998 Automatic Signalling -
DC Track Circuit
1998 Replacement of Multi
Aspect Upper Quadrant with
Multi Aspect Colour Light Signals
2001 Automatic Signalling -
Audio Frequency
Track Circuit
2002 Optic Fibre laying

2003 Outdoor work with SSI

2005 Block Proving work
with Digital Axel Counter

2005 Turnkey Project
Track doubling work

2006 Irrigation work

2006 Intermediate Block

2008 Aviation project development of runway



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